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At St. Lawrence of Brindisi Catholic School, we place a high premium on the value of a strong academic and moral education. The teachers expect the very best from their students. They set high standards in order for the students to be disciplined, to excel, and to truly reach their highest potential. When the students need help, the teachers teach them understandable strategies that are easy to remember, easy to follow, and most importantly they help the students to learn. Part of helping students excel means that teachers come up with creative ways to reach all students. For example, teachers often require students to do academics projects that allow students to be creative, making them both very fun and academic helpful. We also have the opportunity to go on many unique field trips that add another dimension to our learning.

Here at St. Lawrence of Brindisi School our Religious education is really important. We say our prayers daily so that God can take care of us. We rehearse for our masses and create skits to help us remember the messages from the readings. These masses are always memorable. Because everyone works really hard to make sure that the students are always doing their best and learning how to be morally responsible and academically prepared individuals, it can easily be seen just how important Academics are here at St. Lawrence of Brindisi.

School Wide Expectations

Morally Responsible Catholic

  1. Who reverences and appreciates life in all of its diversity
  2. Who respects creation: one’s life, others, and the earth
  3. Who is conscientious, moral decision-maker
  4. Who understands his / her faith and imitates Gospel values
  5. Who actively participates in the Liturgy

Academically Prepared Individual

  1. Who demonstrates solid foundations of grade level standards
  2. Who integrates problem-solving strategies in daily life
  3. Who develops critical thinking skills
  4. Who practices good organizational skills and work habits


  1. Who sets and preserves in meeting goals
  2. Who takes initiative and shows leadership
  3. Who demonstrates a strong work ethic
  4. Who eagerly approaches challenges, asking and clarifying questions

Life-long Learner

  1. Who applies learning to his or her life situations
  2. Who has knowledge of current events and world affairs
  3. Who exhibits curiosity and enthusiasm for learning


  • St. Lawrence of Brindisi School has participated in the Junior High Academic Decathlon for two consecutive years 2009-2010 and 2010-2011.
  • Several of our students have been awarded with individual medals in Literature, Fine Arts, and Religion.
  • We are also proud to claim 3rd place winners for the Deanery 16 Schools Academic Decathlon 2010-2011.

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Title 1

In addition to the core subjects, we also offer Title 1 services for students who qualify.