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St. Lawrence Brindisi School Board

The Consultative Board is a consultative body which includes St. Lawrence of Brindisi’s pastor and principals, as well as parents, teachers, alumni and a wide range of professionals who are committed to ensuring the school’s success.

Our consultative board meets every other month on school grounds.

Contact Ms. Camacho for more information.


The Consultative School Board was established to assist the Principals and ultimately the Pastor by providing advice and counsel particularly in the following areas:

Strategic Planning

  • To assist in formulating strategic goals for the long-term direction of the school.
  • To assist in formulating the school mission statement.

Policy Formulation

  • To provide advice and counsel with regards to policies in areas determined by the Pastor and Principals.


  • Evaluation of Policies, Plans, mission effectiveness, and Board self-evaluation.

Institutional Advancement/Development

  • To provide advice and counsel with regards to the establishment and maintenance of comprehensive programs of institutional advancement to enhance the image, enrollment, and financial viability of the school.

Financial Planning and Financial Management

  • To provide advice and counsel with regard to long-range financial planning, annual budget development, budget monitoring, and financial reporting.

Communication and Mission Enhancement

  • To Provide advice and counsel with regard to communicating school policies and activities to the various school constituencies.
  • To provide advice and counsel with regard to both mission effectiveness and mission enhancement.

Consultative Board Members

Charlie Steinmetz

Father Jesus Vela

Father Michael Mandala

Eleanor Allen

Lola McAlpin-Grant

Father Peter Banks

Tony Fadale

Ken Gilbert

 Nancy Portillo

Enrico Attanasio

Delan Hilliard

Rich Meehan

Teresa Perez

Albert Pichardo

Bernadette Robert

Cristina Cuellar

Michael Wainwright

Marc Maye

Sam Garrison

Alicia Camacho 

Patti Laney