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Principal’s Message

As I wake up every morning and pray in gratitude for another day of life, I also pray in gratitude to be back home at my beloved St. Lawrence of Brindisi community. I started my teaching career at SLB and it has been my dream for SLB to be the school that I will retire from in the future. We set goals in life, but God always has a plan for us. I was blessed, proud, and fortunate to become the principal of my dearest school.

I am blessed to be in a position to lead by serving. God has given me a vocation as an educator to not only teach academic subjects but promote growth in faith and leadership for our students.

I am also proud of my amazing students for whom I have great love and admiration. As I have told them many times, there is no other place in the world I would rather be than here at St. Lawrence of Brindisi School. Our student’s immense potential and eagerness to succeed is commendable. I admire them and I stand full of pride to be their principal.

Without a doubt I am fortunate to work with a talented, professional, and loving faculty and staff. Their dedication to our students is reflected in their hard work and willingness to go the extra mile to provide our students with the best education possible. I feel fortunate for the support of our School Board, Friends of St. Lawrence Board, donors, and benefactors that provide not only financial stability to our school but also share their talents, time, and stamina to make our school better. I am also fortunate to count on very supportive parents and families as partners in our daily responsibility to educate productive, compassionate global citizens and Morally Catholic Individuals. We agree on our responsibility to instill in our students the gratitude when receiving and the commitment to give back.

As I reflect on who we are and what we strive for at SLB, faith, family, and academic excellence come to mind immediately. Our strong Catholic identity and fellowship of the teachings of St. Francis of Asisi guides us to imitate Jesus and his teachings. We are family, and a strong bond of love, respect, and support guides us to imitate the Holy Family. We strive for academic excellence as we start our transition to Common Core State Standards, working towards our individual full potential guides us to imitate St. Lawrence of Brindisi’s scholar success.

I pray for a successful year full of growth, faith, and academic success. I invite potential families to visit us and give us the opportunity to show you who we are and what we have to offer. To our SLB families, I want to remind you that the doors to YOUR school are always open. Thank you for your continued support, your dedication to our school, and for entrusting me with the invaluable responsibility of serving you as your principal.

At your service through Christ,

Alicia Camacho

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